About Me And My Journey

How-i-grew-it-long-paperbackstackDiane Hall is the Author of ‘How I Grew it Long Naturally,’ and ’65 Tips to Healthy Hair Growth,’ the Co-Founder of Natural Hair Week, model, & Entrepreneur. She earned her Bachelors’ Degree in Fashion Design with Marketing & Promotion at the University of Huddersfield.

Diane has been featured in countless fashion shows, magazines, exhibitions, publications & TV commercials including DFS, WSOP, U Switch, Black hair Magazine, Black Beauty & Hair Magazine, Job Centre, Afro Hair & Beauty Show, Toni & Guy, John Lewis & The Gadget Show. Diane has also worked with various designers and hair stylists such as Zandra Rhodes, Nicky Hambleton Jones, Jon Richard, and was the winner of the Congeniality Award in the Top Model of the World Contest, Germany.

With over 16 years in the fashion, beauty and hair industry working both as a professional model and an afro hair stylist specialising in braids, weaves & extensions Diane has been exposed to many different views and opinions on ‘beauty’ and how it is perceived.

After going on a personal journey of growth and acceptance and learning to embrace her natural self is what triggered herDiane Hall - I Grew it Long natural hair growth journey. There is no other beauty than that which comes from within through learning to accept yourself for whom you are. For many years Diane had worked in an industry where beauty was judged by how you looked on the outside and once was comfortable with who she was on the inside she no longer had look outside of herself for that validation and try to ‘fit’ into what was socially acceptable as ‘beautiful.’

“My inspiration for writing this book stemmed from a belief that there is a great need to promote and increase awareness of the natural beauty of afro hair and also how to care for it in its’ natural state.

My aim is to help, support and encourage all women going on their own natural growth journey to not give up, regardless of what others may tell you, or what you might have read. Patience, faith, determination and persistence really does pay off.”

– Diane x  
Diane Hall