Hello Diane,

Your book is such an inspiration to me.



I am the proud owner of your book " How I grew it Long...." For me, following your guidance has been a success...



Just wanted to say well done for your Natural Hair Week on Saturday. It is good to see a positive role model for the young girls coming into the real world. You guys will make a big impact on young girls who want to start a business or just have someone to say THOSE POSITIVES WORDS that they don't hear from their family to make it in life, kind regards


Hi Diane

I purchased your book on Amazon, and it is so simple and easy to follow....

....regarding the essential oils which do I use? I live in Belfast to products are thin on the ground! I have 4c hair.



Hi its Shola, how are you? hair journey has been going good, its been a year since I haven't blow dried it and it feels very healthy and I still put my hair in twist...

..I still follow the "I grew it longer book" every time I wash my hair and I think that book is amazing it has helped so much with my natural hair journey .

From Shola


Good Morning,

A few months ago I won some Dax products in a competition but my hair was in weave at the time. Now the weather is getting slightly better and it is the usual time that I change up my hair care regime for the season. When I got home, what a nice surprise to find that I had won the 'How I grew it long naturally' book! So I got right on it. I'd like to say Thank you! Using the Dax shampoo and deep conditioner along with following steps in the book has made a huge difference already, my hair is softer and more manageable. I said that I would feedback, sorry It took a while.

Thank you!

Sarah Clement

Hi Diane I go to the gym twice a week, Which means I spend time in and out of the sauna and steam room. I usual apply essential oils or I just conditioner on my hair so it doesn't become to dry. What would you suggest? I think your book was an easy read and I'm following it daily, thankyou.....

How I Grew it Long

Hi Diane, I have recently bought your book and have found it very insightful and informative. The problem I have now is my daughter's hair. I'm trying to get more information on how to maintain my daughter's hair, but i'm a lost as this is my 1st child. She is only 14mths and all I've been us....

Jacinta Buckle

I want to say i read your book and it was wonderful. So many things i have not been doing to my neglected hair, thanks to you that is all going to change. Many Thanks Laura xx....


Hi Diane, We received the books this morning, (y) Me,Sarah, Nevaeh n Leveah would like to say a big big big thank you for signing their books, =D Take care Celicia x....

Celicia Newell